About Us


Deep Creek Kennel was started years ago, when I discovered the difficulty in finding a place I felt good about leaving my own dog.

Deep Creek Kennel is truly a family business.  My daughter-in-law (Sarah) is my groomer.  My youngest son (Aaron) helps in the evenings and on weekends, also when I'm attending a dog show.  We are dedicated to making sure your dog has a pleasant experience at our kennel.  We don't try to wow you with expensive landscaping or "art" on the wall.  Clean runs are better than a TV.  We just make sure your dog is safe & having a good time while you are away.  We spend time actually playing with your dog everyday. We don't charge different prices based on the size of your dog.  We don't charge extra fees to let your dog out of his run & exercise.  The small ones get the same size kennel as the large ones.  We have runs that are twice as large as the others to accommodate the really big ones.  We thank you in advance for letting us take care of your dog.

We feed a good quality dry food that the main ingredient is chicken w/rice.  It is the same food I feed my show dogs.  You don't need to bring food unless your Vet has your dog on a special diet for medical reasons.  If that is the case, you must bring it in a hard reseal-able plastic container.  (NOT GLASS)

We look forward to meeting you and your dog.